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IISD's research, experts and publications are regularly featured by press outlets and on multimedia platforms around the world.

The list below is a selection of recent mentions. Click Here for other media-related content.

  • The goal is to study what happens when oil spills in a lake... without actually harming the lake

    CBC Ottawa - March 13, 2018  Jules Blais of the University of Ottawa speaks to CBC Ottawa's All in a Day with Alan Neal about upcoming research into the impacts of oil spills on fresh water at IISD Experimental Lakes Area.

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  • Scientists planning experimental "oil spills" in northwestern Ontario

    CBC News - March 07, 2018  "Scientists are planning experimental "oil spills" in northwestern Ontario this summer in an effort to better understand what happens when diluted bitumen winds up in freshwater lakes. CBC's Bartley Kives speaks with Vince Palace, head research scientist at IISD Experimental Lakes Area."

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  • Scientists plan simulated oil spills in northwestern Ontario

    CBC News - March 07, 2018  "Scientists are planning experimental "oil spills" in northwestern Ontario this summer in an effort to better understand what happens when diluted bitumen winds up in freshwater lakes. Ecologists at the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) east of Kenora are planning to simulate a series of spills, clean them up and then assess what happens to the water, plants and animals."

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  • How Calgary is Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change

    CBC Calgary - March 07, 2018  Anika Terton speaks to CBC Calgary's Rob Brown about how cities across the world, including Calgary, are planning for the impacts of climate change. (Video starts at 7:20)

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  • OECD: Fossil fuel subsidies added up to at least $373bn in 2015

    Carbon Brief - March 06, 2018  "Ivetta Gerasimchuk, a researcher from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), an NGO which tracks producer subsidies, tells Carbon Brief that the new figures are the OECD’s attempt to begin to reconcile the many different estimates for fossil fuel support."

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  • Cities, scientists unite in battle against climate change at U.N. summit

    Reuters - March 05, 2018  "The push to reinforce ties between scientists and local governments comes at a pivotal time as many cities prepare to invest in new infrastructure, said Henry David Venema of the International Institute for Sustainable Development."

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  • The Artisanal of Way of Mining

    Materials World - March 01, 2018  "A report tracking the growth in artisanal and small-scale mining seeks to address the need for greater regulation. Khai Trung Le talks to Matthew Bliss about what role policy and industry have to play in its development."

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  • No such thing as ‘unprecedented’ weather, delegates at ARBI conference told

    Manitoba Cooperator - February 23, 2018  "Other conference speakers such as Hank Venema, spoke of the need to create a new class of infrastructure comprised of networked distributive storage systems across the Prairies. He also offered ideas on why investors will be interested to help pay for it."

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  • Trudeau’s India Visit: Cooperating on Climate Action Will Boost Other Agendas

    The Energy Collective - February 26, 2018  "Nonetheless, according to the latest estimates by the Global Subsidies Initiative, Canada’s fossil fuel subsidy bill still amounts to approximately USD 2.6 billion (CAD 3.3 billion) in support to oil and gas producers, while India provides USD 19 billion (INR 124,530 crore) as support to both fossil fuel production and consumption."

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  • If we want to save the planet, let’s look to our laws

    The Varsity - February 25, 2018  "According to an International Institute for Sustainable Development report called “Costs of Pollution in Canada,” the consequences of air pollution alone on Canadians’ health cost Canadians $36 billion in 2015 —that’s about $1,000 per person."

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