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Anju Sharma

Writer/Editor Earth Negotiations Bulletin

Anju Sharma started her career working for the Centre for Science and Environment in India, researching, writing and campaigning on a range of national and global issues including natural resource management, pollution and good governance. She has since worked for UNEP as editor of the Global Environmental Outlook Yearbook, and at Oxfam as senior policy adviser on climate change adaptation. As a consultant, she has carried out projects for a number of organizations, including the UNFCCC Secretariat, UNDP, GIZ (the German Institute for technical cooperation) and the Oxford University Centre for the Environment.

In addition to her role at IISD, she heads the Publications and Policy Analysis Unit of the European Capacity Building Initiative, and is a Visiting Fellow at the International Institute for Environment and Development in London.
Anju has co-authored a book (Slow Murder: The deadly story of vehicular pollution in India) and edited two others exploring developing country perspective in global environmental negotiations (Green Politics and Poles Apart).
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