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IISD's research, experts and publications are regularly featured by press outlets and on multimedia platforms around the world.

The list below is a selection of recent mentions. Click Here for other media-related content.

  • ‘Not For the Faint-Hearted’: The Struggles of Women in Zimbabwe’s Mining Industry

    The Zimbabwean - July 08, 2019  Female miners seek equal opportunity in Zimbabwe’s male-dominated mining industry, but several cultural and financial obstacles stand in their way.

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  • Ottawa earmarks $2.2M to help fight Lake Winnipeg algae blooms

    Winnipeg Free Press - July 04, 2019  The federal Liberals are unveiling a slew of measures aimed at cutting down on Lake Winnipeg’s algae blooms, the Free Press has learned, as cabin — and election — season gets underway.

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    Wired - July 01, 2019  We have little data on how microplastic might be affecting the animals exposed to it, and we certainly don’t know how the stuff could be affecting whole ecosystems. A system of small, isolated lakes in Canada, though, could help unravel those mysteries. 

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  • G20 countries triple coal power subsidies despite climate crisis

    The Guardian - June 25, 2019  G20 countries have almost tripled the subsidies they give to coal-fired power plants in recent years, despite the urgent need to cut the carbon emissions driving the climate crisis.

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  • EPA deepens media knowledge on Climate Adaptation plan framework

    Ghana Web - June 07, 2019  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in partnership with the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) has developed the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Framework that will guide and advance Ghana in its climate change adaptation measures.

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  • La mejor amiga del diamante

    Gold and Time - June 07, 2019  En un negocio donde la gran mayoría de los consumidores finales son mujeres, las mujeres en el sector de los diamantes están muy poco representadas, no solo en los niveles de ejecutivos y empleados, sino también en la forma en que tradicionalmente se ha comercializado el producto.

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  • We Must do More to Speed up Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies

    Inter Press Service - June 05, 2019  Fossil fuels—oil, gas, coal and their derivatives—pollute the atmosphere and emit the greenhouse gases that are ramping up global heating to dangerous levels. But did you know that governments around the world are subsidizing this pollution?

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  • Trump prepares to roll back limits on mercury emissions

    National Observer - June 07, 2019  It is incumbent upon our government to pressure the Trump administration to reconsider changes to U.S. EPA regulations on mercury.

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  • The Climate Change Risk to Our Banks

    TVO - May 28, 2019  The Bank of Canada turned heads this month when, in its annual financial system review, it included climate change as a risk to financial institutions. What will this mean for banks and for Canada's corporate sector?

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  • Repair rift continues among Basel stakeholders

    E-Scrap News - May 16, 2019  Final adoption of key international guidelines for e-scrap exports was once again punted as debate drags on over the definition of “repairable” devices.

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